Structural Analysis & Design for Students

The interactive design resource for Students

STADs - "Structural Analysis and Design for Students" is a suite of learning modules aimed at first and second year Civil and Structural Engineering students. It has been developed to provide interactive tutorial questions that cover the fundamentals of engineering. Each topic provides a series of typical problems that get progressively more difficult, the student is invited to enter their answers to the problem, these are "marked" and feedback given when the answers are submitted. To accompany each question there is a complete solution, and a fully worked and annotated example. For both the tutorial question and the worked example the question data is generated randomly giving an infinite number of possible questions. This is also true for the printed tutorial questions that can be used as part of the student's portfolio.

To accompany the analysis topics there are a series of video tutorials and "lecture notes" that can be used in conjunction with the tutorial questions.

The development of STADs to date has concentrated on the fundamental analysis techniques that any engineer should master. Future development is planned that will include the design of simple structural element i.e. steel and concrete beams/columns.

Structural Analysis
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  • Equilibrium & Support Reactions
  • Pin-jointed Frame Structures
  • Simple Beams - Shearing Force & Bending Moments
  • Introduction to Direct Stress & Strain
  • Bending Stress
  • Combined Bending & Direct Stress

Structural Analysis

Video Tutorials
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Follow the link below for a series of video tutorials that support the analysis modules.

Each video addresses a typical problem, working through it's solution giving practical hints and tips to enable the student to confidently tackle the tutorial questions.

Video Tutorials

Learning Resources
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Follow the links below for learning resources to be used in conjunction with the tutorial questions and problems.

The Fact Sheets

Study Notes

Formula Sheets